Acupuncturist, Jack Fonderwhite

After graduating with honors from UCSC Jack decided to move to Hiroshima, Japan where he learned to not only speak, but also read and write in Japanese. As Jack put’s it:

“The following 11 years in Japan turned out to be the most active of my life.

“Those years of taiko, koto, marathons, cycling, touch rugby, and kickboxing led me to learning a lot more, especially about health and my body. Thanks to acupuncture and Japanese herbal medicine, I was able to pursue such a rigorous lifestyle while also working and studying full time.

“Encouraged by this experience and my acupuncturist, I decided to pursue a career in acupuncture, moving to Hawaii for my studies in 2015.

“Now, after thousands of hours of training and nearly 400 cases, I have seen acupuncture and Chinese medicine treat a wide array of issues: food poisoning, nausea and vomiting, nose and throat issues, severe bruising, edema, joint pain, headaches, wrinkles, menstrual issues, fatigue, anxiety, peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, sports injuries, stress, and pain in nearly every area and part of the body (including my own neck after a serious bicycle accident on Kuhio).

“As a certified member of National Acupuncture Detox Association (NADA), I am trained in a specific acupuncture protocol in the ear to support those serious about curbing the use of such substances and other drugs.  My patients have also found NADA helpful with managing PTSD, fatigue, and anxiety.

“Personally, it helped me push harder and perform better without increasing my heart rate or level of perceived effort during athletic training. Supported by this evidence and my own experience, I am confident acupuncture, electroacupuncture, cupping, gua sha, and other modalities can provide for my patient’s quicker recovery from physical and emotional aches and pains.”

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