Anela Bird is a licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist. She is part Hawaiian, Filipino, Caucasian and a native to Kula, Maui.

Growing up on Maui, Anela was raised around the world of medicine and caring for others, with both her mother (a nurse) and her father (a doctor), who are now retired, having served as proud members of Maui’s medical community.

After graduating with a Bachelors of Science degree in California, she was geared towards becoming a veterinarian, when her father had a brain hemorrhage, which led to her to dive headfirst into researching and learning about various post brain injury treatments.

While helping to support her father in his recovery, Anela became fascinated with the practice of alternative medicines such as acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  The effectiveness and beauty of these medicines fascinated her, and her research soon led her to become a graduate student of Acupuncture.

Moving back to O’ahu to be closer and support her family, Anela began interning at Tripler Army Medical Center under Acupuncturist Edward Vernon, at the hospital’s innovative Interdisciplinary Pain Management Center; which specializes in Acupuncture, Medical Massage, Physical therapy and Chiropractic care.

After completing over 1200 clinical hours, Anela graduated in 2015 as a fully licensed Acupuncturist, and has since worked at an integrative clinic alongside Physicians, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Medical Massage.

Besides her clinical experience over the last 6 years, Anela is also professionally trained and certified in multiple specialty protocols; including NADA, used for addiction and pain management, Dr. Tan’s Balancing method, orthopedic cupping, gua sha, meridian-based massage, .

Having worked with a number of patients with a variety of issues including: body pain, vertigo, post-stroke recovery, headaches, hormonal balancing, fertility, injury, post-surgery recovery and insomnia, we are extremely excited to welcome Anela into our PT Massage Ohana!

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